A Hawaii Sub S Corporation with its headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii and has offices in São Paulo, Brazil and Orlando, Florida. Orion TT is a holding company of other travel based platforms within the travel Industry. Founded in 2014.

Founders: Gary L. German and Rodolfo Ladislau Lopes




Traveling in the 21st Century and Beyond


To Boldly Go Where No Travel Company Has Gone Before Our ship is called the “Endeavor”

“STARQUEST is a company that dreams big, we don’t talk about changing the world, we are doing it.  We are using technology that we ourselves are dreaming up in the wee hours of the morning.  We are unconventional, we rise early why everyone is asleep to bring all travelers something different.  A change is in the air and we are here to see it through.  A great teacher-Failure is.  We know a thing or two about that, and that is what keeps us going when times are touch.  We believe that if you truly love what you are doing, you never have to work again.   If you build it-folks will come. Because they want to change in how we as a human race travels.   We are here because we are listeners and when we listen, things tend to change for all of humanity and for all the right reasons.” 


Gary German CEO and Founder STARQUEST 

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