STARQUEST has partnered with two large aerospace companies to deliver SPACERUNS to from takeoff to 60 miles up into earth’s Atmosphere. It will be an experience of a lifetime. STARLINER will take off like the Concord jet of the 70’s. The Starliner experience will not need rocket boosters nor Mach 25 speed. We will fly at 5 Mach and reach the 60-mile earth threshold in 60 minutes. Just like an airline will travel. Go into space at 60 nautical miles stay there for one hour and come back to touchdown in 45 minutes. The 3-hour flight plan will have a full-service space inflight menu once we reach SPACE. Patrons will receive our Inflight STARLINER package consisting of specially designed beverages and meal selections.

Each of our Space cadets will also receive a space jacket with their names embroidered on each.


Affordable cost-$4999.00


We will have fly into space with 100 folks plus 7 crew members per trip and make the trip 2-times a day, at 4 days a week.


Our surveys say folks don’t want to go into space for a long trip or a space vacation and get claustrophobic, they just want a short rebust experience and we will give it to them.


At $5000.00 is a great opportunity for many folks. We are already sold out for one year.