Because we are the 95% of the travelers on every plane every day!

Because we are the middle class traveler who wishes we could travel more, especially when we have vacation days.  Most of the time, we are living paycheck to paycheck.  No money to travel when we get vacation days, if we take 2 weeks vacation we are scared that our jobs will be replaced and there will be no job to come back to after our vacations.  

Because we don’t have sick leave so we have to go to work when we are sick!

Because we have a travel Budget

Because we are trying to go to a funeral

Because we have a travel emergency last minute

Because we don’t have a lot of money to travel in emergencies

Because we are looking for a bargain to offset our low travel budget

Because we want to travel more but we can’t because of our income

Because we would love to afford a meal on the plane and WIFI to keep us entertained throughout the flight

Because 18% of the total passengers on any given plane participate in purchasing inflight entertainment- that number is low because of the high costs to be entertained!